Alex Horton has worked on big cases—those involving life-altering injuries or the death of a loved one. He spent fifteen years at a well-known personal injury firm, where he obtained invaluable experience working on and developing significant cases for trial. In some cases, he was lead counsel. In other cases, while not lead counsel, he played a substantial role with the other lawyer at the firm as lead counsel, in developing the case for trial and achieving the ultimate outcome.

Here are a few examples of cases from his prior firm to give you an idea of Alex’s experience and background.

Alex represented a mariner who seriously injured his shoulder, which ultimately required surgery. Unfortunately, due to the injury, he was unable to return to work. The case settled for $1.7 million.

Alex represented, along with his former law partner who was lead counsel, the mother of a child who was accidently shot and killed by Bexar County deputy sheriffs. Alex handled the legal briefing in the case and defeated an attempt by the County and the deputies to dismiss the case on immunity grounds. The case settled soon after for the $4.5 million limits of the County’s insurance.

Alex represented, along with his former law partner as lead counsel, a mariner who injured his leg after a line snapped and hit his leg. The case settled for $2.4 million.

Alex represented a plant worker who seriously injured his foot in an accident, which required multiple surgeries. The case settled for $1.5 million.

Alex represented a woman who sustained neck and back injuries after a wreck. Although the medical expenses in the case were only $8,000, Alex took the case to trial and a jury awarded $192,000.

A minor seriously injured his hand after an ATV flipped and rolled onto his hand. Alex worked with his former law partner, who was lead, to develop the evidence in the case. The defendant sought to dismiss the case under the Texas Recreational Use Statute. After legal briefing by Alex, the court denied that effort and the case settled soon after for $1 million.

Alex represented a man who was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a neck injury. The case settled for $250,055, the limits of the driver’s insurance policy.

Alex represented a woman who had the tip of her finger partially amputated in a car accident. The case settled for $675,000.

Alex represented, with another lawyer, a dive tender who injured his wrist and required surgery after a mooring line incident. A jury awarded the man $891,000, which was reduced to $712,800 for comparative fault.

*Note these cases should not be seen as an indication of the potential result in your particular case—that will depend on the unique facts of your case. Rather, these summaries are meant to provide some information about Alex’s background and experience. Each recovery listed is before attorney’s fees (typically 33-40%) and expenses.